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rachel's on leno september 6th - This is the way it's done in Orange County... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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rachel's on leno september 6th [Aug. 28th, 2005|02:27 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |cold hard bitch--jet]

So, I'm totally in one of those bitchy moods where I don't want to study, but yet I know I should. And to exacerbate the anger and bitterness, I just watched the newest episode of Laguna Beach and oh my god I hate Jason. Hate is an incredibly strong word, but I feel that it is completely warranted. He's a jackass.

oh my god, i hate alex m from laguna beach. the whole time she was planning on asking douchebag jason to winter formal, I was yelling, "You are a whore!" at the tv. Which, if anyone was walking past my apartment at that moment, not very opportune.

Kristin, also a whore, is so cute though. Her hair is gorgeous even though it's all messy. She asks Ian who looks stoned out of his mind and probably is.

I hate Taylor too. She's got the most annoying voice ever. The two of them (she and Alex M.) are hiding in boxes. LAME. Jason should still go with Jessica because she is his girlfriend! Alex M is so gross. And she looks so bad without makeup. Jessica is so much cuter and probably smarter, too.

Talan and Taylor deserve each other. Talan's all, this is the best asking ever! And I have to disagree. A. It was wholly unoriginal. B. It was boring. I mean, last year when Trey asked his date to prom with the PROM? in candles, that was tight. Even Dieter's sign with all the rose petals around it was cuter.

Limo list: jessica, kristin, alex h, emily, other people I don't know.

Jessica is going with Jake since D-Bag Jason is going with Alex M. Kristin says she would be pissed if her boyfriend was going with someone else. And I agree. Yay dandy warhols, this song is so played though. First on the OC, then as the VMars theme song. They've got other good songs that could be used, you know. The girls are all getting extensions. Kristin: Taylor is so amped to look like Casey it's not even funny. WELL TOLD KRISTIN!

EW Taylor's ugly hairdresser is like, you are cuter than Kristin. Umm, I don't think so. Apparently, hair dresser Andrea is blind.
Kristin: Casey was like you should get individual extensions. This girl has them and they look like shit. I LOVE KRISTIN.
Wow Alex H looks good with extensions, she should grow her hair out long. Kristin looks weird with the long hair. I like her hair short. Jessica is freaking out about how Jason keeps blowing her off. They're all like, oh he's totally cheating on you. And of course...

uh oh the other girls show up at the same nail place! GIRL FIGHT! Alex M obnoxiously talks about how fun it will be to go with Jason to formal while Jessica seethes and Kristin is like FUCK you Bitch. Taylor is like, our extensions look the same Kristin, and Kristin looks like she's going to throw her head down a toilet.

The girls (Kristin, Jessica, and Alex H) look hot, but not too formally. But not the other tramp whores, they suck. Jason looks like a messed up pimp in his red pinestripe suit. You're not cool, Jason. The whole night, they are bitching at each other. He's totally abusing their relationship. She needs to open her eyes. Jessica, drop it like it's hot! He is not worth it. I mean, first of all, he goes to Winter Formal with a (nasty) girl who is not his girlfriend, then treats said girlfriend like shit. His whole, "You're so fucking annoying and I'm sick of your shit," routine makes me want to beat him senseless. Granted he is from Orange County (and he drives a truck), so you sort of expect this behavior, but really--he is a douchebag to the nth. And his friend Cedric, telling him that Jessica was all drama and that Alex M was so chill? Yeah, Cedric, why don't you go tread some water.

In the limo, she keeps asking him questions about what their situation is and why he's like being all weird. And he's like Look bitch, I don't want to talk about it, I'm faded out of my mind. And he's so rude to her. He's just like cussing at her and telling her how she's so annoying for asking questions and getting bothered by the whole Alex M thing.

The next morning, Cedric and Jason are talking about Formal. Cedric asks Jason if he likes Alex M, and Jason says yes, he does like her. Then to twist the knife a little bit, he says, "Poor Jessica." My sentiments exactly.

Then they show Jessica with her cat on her balcony looking forlorn. This is foreshadowing, because 40 years from now, Jessica is going to have like 26 cats.

Next week: The shit hits the fan, and it is bananas. Jessica and Jason's Valentine's Day dinner doesn't go too well, when he tells her that his dad thinks she's a bad influence on him. OHKAY. Way to be a coward, Jason--blame it on your parents when you want to get out of a relationship, that's very classy. She's crying, Kristin comes over, and it's a carton of ice cream night. And on the other side of town, Stephen comes back and is looking for a Valentine. So, will it be puppy dog LC or heartbreaker, Kristin? Only time will tell. Valentine's my favorite holiday, my birthday! and it should be a good one on LB.

Well, at least Casey wasn't in this episode too much.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And I'm laughing out loud right now. This is the cast of LB at the MTV VMAs. I love that Reality Stars become "celebrities." Stephen looks pretty hot. Kristin looks too conservative for my taste, she should be slutting it up like a good OC girl. Jessica looks cute, but her darker hair makes her look like Alex M. Taylor's dress is cute. I still hate Casey and Jason and Cedric. But Casey's dress is very Paris Hilton-esque. I wonder if those two run into each other, will the universe implode? Alex H looks cute too. New ep tomorrow, it should be a doozy.

EDIT from rachel-bilson.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The OC starts in like a week and a half, September 8th. The DVD set came out this past Tuesday, I got mine, but possibly will not have time to watch it until 2013.

[User Picture]From: rockintheoc
2005-08-28 03:38 pm (UTC)
I hate to sound cliche (actually I like it), but that's how it's done in the OC. I mean, our school invested in like 5 breathelizers b/c people always got wasted at school, not to mention at dances.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sunshyne72
2005-08-28 03:43 pm (UTC)
I soooo far removed from that world, it seems sooo shocking to me. :)

It wasn't quite that bad when I was in school. Also, I'm sure Ohio is a bit calmer than southern cal.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: rockintheoc
2005-08-28 05:09 pm (UTC)
it's really not that outrageous for most people, but look at the picture I just posted--these kids get to go to Miami and hobnob with all the MTV folk. My high school experience was far more tamer than anything they get to do, but still it had it's shocking moments too.
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