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Lauren Graham was robbed yet again! - This is the way it's done in Orange County... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lauren Graham was robbed yet again! [Jul. 14th, 2005|11:21 am]
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Well hello out there, LJ land. I know I have been very bad. I haven't updated in a really, really long time, but I'm here to tell you that I'm going to try my darndest to get up some updates in the near future. Starting this weekend, I'll be free, as I have a very VERY huge final exam tomorrow, then I'll be off to Las Vegas to spend some time with my family, where I will have lots of time to update. Unfortunately, I won't be going home to OC, so that'll be really sad--but that won't stop me from talking about the goings on there (like the OC fair which is going on right now!).

I have a load of appearance pictures to update, casting news/spoilers, and the Adam Brody interview in Interview Magazine (with Rachel McAdams on the cover yay!), which is actually pretty good, plus some Big Japan (Adam's band) songs, if anyone is interested.

Since I've been gone, Mischa finished filming the Decameron in Italy (and also officially split from Brandon Davis), Rachel finished The Last Kiss in Canada, and I'm assuming Adam and Ben finished In the Land of Women and Pacific Air 121, respectively. Mr. and Mrs. Smith was released, and I saw it--Adam had a small role that couldn't have made him seem more type cast at all. It was a good movie for what it is. The OC has started production again, Big Japan released their cd: Music for Dummies (which I've heard, and while it is not my cup of tea, it's pretty decent for a self-indulgent actor's side project :) I also became an aunt, see my personal LJ for a picture, saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and read the new Chuck Klosterman book, which is all personal info, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway.

Also some other news: Chris Carmack is going to be in a new series called Beach Girls. Samaire, LIndsay Lohan, and his movie "Just My Luck" will be out this fall. Samaire is filming another movie called "Stay Alive" in which she plays a character named Abigail. Bret Harrison, Adam's bandmate and 2 time guest on the OC, will also be appearing in "In the Land of Women" which leads me to believe that Adam is as attached to Bret as he is to that blue plaid shirt. He will also be in a series this fall called "The Loop," also on Fox.

And in what is quite possibly the worst rumored casting ever: Olivia Wilde has been announced as the star of Gossip Girl, which would normally be great, since I love those trashy books more than anything, but she's playing Blair Waldorf. Pixie cutted, neurotic, psycho-bitch brunette Blair. Hopefully this is a snafu on imdb's part, and hopefully she is actually playing the role of Serena, whom she would be perfect for. EDIT Actually imdb removed the Gossip Girl page, so maybe it was a wrong on their part for reporting this. And I actually also think that the whole project has been scrapped since there have been problems with the screenplay (as in they don't have one) et al. I still think La Lohan should dye her hair back and play Blair. And I still think this movie should be made.

Important Dates: August 23, 2005 Season 2 is released on DVD. It will be a 7 DVD set this time, with a lot of extras, as per usual.
September 8, 2005--The OC Season 3 begins. This year, we don't have to wait for the World Series to end, the show will begin the fall season on schedule. Following the OC will be a show called Reunion, which stars OC alum Amanda Righetti.

EDIT Oh dear god. I just saw an ad for Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County Season 2, and it looks just as terrible as season one. Why do you hurt us so MTV? Oy. However, I will say that I think the girls are cuter and more representative of OC Mean Girl quality that we've come to endear. There are also some new guy hotties (please let one of them be smart, oh who am I kidding). OH I still despise Kristen (LC for life, y'all) because she is continually causing trouble and because she walks around like she owns the place (yeah, I heard about the Laker game, K). Needless to say, I. Cannot. Wait.

That's all I have for now--I'm going to try to get the tract listing for the OC Mix CD 5 up sometime if I can find it--I know there's a torrent floating around out there that claims itself as such, and I will update with more later.

Oh, and Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls was robbed of an Emmy Nomination once again. I thought for sure this year she'd have a better chance, but no, all those Desperate Housewhores got noms instead. That's okay, I still love Lorelai. But congrats to Zach Braff for getting nominated for the first time for Scrubs. And of course no noms for The OC, but again, expected. You can still vote for the OC in the teen choice awards though, I think. Well, anywho, have a great day!

[User Picture]From: michaelpop
2005-07-14 11:20 am (UTC)
I have never been to the OC fair, but I've vowed to go this year. One of my best friends lives within walking distance.
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[User Picture]From: rockintheoc
2005-07-14 03:06 pm (UTC)
It is a fun event, as country fairs go. The funnel cakes are good, there's a petting zoo (the last time I went there was a 500 lb pig), and there's usually some kind of performance by Gallagher or Carrot TOp or some other prop comedian. Beck and the Decemberists are doing a show down in OC according to the fair website (Pacific Amphitheater maybe?), which strikes me as odd. You should definitely go though, it is an experience.
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[User Picture]From: poodleskirt
2005-07-14 12:07 pm (UTC)
Hey! Nice to hear from you.
I'm so glad that it'll be premiering earlier this season.
Haha, Desperate Housewhores. That's great.
Good luck tomorrow, and have a wonderful time in Vegas. :)
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[User Picture]From: rockintheoc
2005-07-14 03:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I will.
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[User Picture]From: hollywoodsmile7
2005-07-15 04:47 pm (UTC)
How was Sisterhood? It looks cute.
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[User Picture]From: rockintheoc
2005-07-17 07:28 pm (UTC)
It was really good, although I didn't think it was as accurate to the book as I would have liked it to be--but it was still cute and girly and nice.
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From: snubbly
2007-10-27 07:01 am (UTC)
Hi, this entry is like 2 years old and I'm pretty sure your LJ is dead now. But I just found it and I've got to say - I love all your posts!

I have an OC obsession, The OC, Laguna, everything. Also I found it interesting you talked about Gossip Girl here. It's actually just start on TV now :) No Olivia though.
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