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The OC will be back November 3rd! - This is the way it's done in Orange County... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The OC will be back November 3rd! [Oct. 1st, 2005|04:48 pm]
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[Current Music |forever young--youth group]

Sorry I haven't been too great with the updating. I'm swamped with school. Who knew this medical school thing would be so time consuming? What makes it just that much better though is that I have hospital clinic on Thursday morning, making the OC the light at the end of the tunnel of my day. Anyway, I have watched all the eps this season, and while they are a little lackluster in terms of huge jaw dropping events, it's pretty good in terms of making me want to beat up every single new character that has shown up. Beat 'em up like Jimmy was beat.

-Charlotte is one crazy bitch. At first I thought she wanted Kirsten all to herself, because she was pulling the Glenn Close to Kirsten's Michael Douglas. But now, she's totally in it for the money, and I do not like what I see in the previews, because if she and Julie team up, the world will explode. Or at least my television set will when I throw rocks at it.
-Where the fuck is Zach? Did I miss the part where it said he moved away to be with his "girlfriend" Francesca? I thought they might have said that he dropped out of school to pursue a career with Lucas Industries, but my mind may have been making that up. And I'm pretty sure that's impossible.
-This whole Union High school drama. First of all, all Newport High schools are pretty nice. They look like they are filming in Monrovia, CA, not the real OC. I mean, seriously, most of the high schools don't look that ghetto. Lest not any of the ones that would be near their zip code. I went to public school in OC, I'm not going around talking like a thug, making mock gun signs at people. Not when people are looking anyway. And plus, there are lots of people who wear designer labels to school who don't happen to be in private school. Not a big deal. We get it Josh, public schools suck, but you didn't have to make such a dramatic difference. The whole school dance scene? That was pitiful. A punch bowl and some snacks? This is not preschool. This is high school in the OC.
-Why is there a second universe at Union? Is "chilli" the non-Jew Seth? Are we supposed to buy into that? Why are these kids still skateboarding by the way? They are 18!
-Who totally called that Taylor and Dean Hess were getting it on? I think that was me and my friends, in episode one. What douches. Dean Hess was "the gregster" in Cruel Intentions. I didn't like him then, I certainly don't like him now.
-Sandy still kicks ass.
-Poor hapless Jimmy Cooper. Always digging himself a deeper grave. Why doesn't he just try saving money for once. Stop trying to make terrible investments.
-Poor hapless Julie Cooper-Nichol-almost Cooper again. She has to live in a seedy motel. Why the hell did she not sell her huge ass Louis Vuitton bags for some quick cash. That would give her a few grand on Ebay.
-Who is paying for Kaitlyn's boarding school? I guess she'll never see China the prettiest pony in the whole world ever again. Sad.
-the whole, the next song that plays is our song was totally done on Gilmore Girls last season with Rory and Dean. Good try, Josh.
-Summer needs to kick Taylor's ass. Pronto.
-Reunion is pretty addicting so far, but not enough Amanda Righetti. Poor Hailey, she couldn't even come back for the funeral.
-Not too much Seth in the first few eps, but that's good. No need for overkill just yet. I mean, it's not sweeps yet.

Who else thinks Josh Schwartz saw Napoleon Dynamite and had a major epiphany: "OMG, Alphaville's Forever Young? I must have someone cover that for my show!" And he did, and it was the song during the dance last night, covered by Youth Group.

Speaking of the music: here was thursday's music:

"Circles" by Bob Mould
"Fire Fire" by M.I.A.
"Ain't No Game" by Basko
"I Don't Want To Fall In Love" by She Wants Revenge
"Natural" (Radio Edit) by Infusion
"Triumphant" by Royksopp
"Forever Young" by Youth Group

The OC will be on hiatus until November 3 because of baseball. Now, I would usually curse baseball for interrupting my viewing, but since the Angels are the AL West winners this year, I'm actually not too bummed about it. GO ANGELS.

[User Picture]From: poodleskirt
2005-10-01 07:53 pm (UTC)
You know a show is good when you begin to throw objects at the characters behind the television screen.
"Who is paying for Kaitlyn's boarding school? I guess she'll never see China the prettiest pony in the whole world ever again. Sad." - That was the first thought that popped up into my head when Julie was told to pack her things.
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[User Picture]From: rockintheoc
2005-10-02 10:52 am (UTC)
Well it would be selfish not to think of China. As Julie said, "it's wrong to keep a girl away from her horse."
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[User Picture]From: kiptrip
2005-10-02 01:42 am (UTC)
Does anyone have the song covered by Youth Group? If so could you please post it on a yousendit link? That would be amazing. Thanks.
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[User Picture]From: rockintheoc
2005-10-02 10:51 am (UTC)
if you join the lj group musicfromtheoc, they have pretty much every song from each episode. Hope that helps you out.
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[User Picture]From: kiptrip
2005-10-02 06:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much :)
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-10-04 09:20 am (UTC)
Everytime I try to find the song used in The Last Waltz I get the original which is a lot quicker than the one played at the end can anyone help me
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From: em_ily
2005-11-12 07:37 pm (UTC)
i adore M.I.A, hearing them on this episode was figuritivly and litrally "music to my ears"
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[User Picture]From: macarenna
2005-12-02 03:19 pm (UTC)
Maybe you can help. Hope so.
What's the name of the song that was played when Ryan saw Marissa in the gym... during the dance? Just before Seth came for him.
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From: smaczekuqb
2009-11-01 08:59 am (UTC)
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